Candice & Carla will be conducting a workshop called "Discordant Deceptions".

Singer Songwriter from Australia

About Workshop:
We were born onto a spiritual battlefield, a war between good and evil, and it’s our choice whose army we will join and show our allegiance to! This Music Series aims to arouse the dormant Christian to awareness of our current position, our foe, our great need of Christ our Deliverer and Saviour in these last moments of earth’s history. Learn the wiley tactics that the enemy is using against us through so called “Christian Music” to captivate us, control us, destroy us and steal our crowns. It’s time to ARISE, AWAKE, CHOOSE and be READY.

Speaker Bio:
Candice Berghan is a Health Practitioner, currently practicing as a Naturopath in Brisbane, Qld Australia. She has over 20 years’ experience in the health realm, managing health retreats, directing her own wellness business as well as working as a bible worker and medical missionary in many countries around the world. Her greatest joy is to mingle among men and women as one that desires their good, using the health message as an opening wedge, she has been able to share Jesus. Candice also loves uplifting and sharing Jesus through song. She is an original singer/songwriter and music producer. She has released 2 Christian Music albums and has been part of 3 released Christian albums from A News Song Collective.

Speaker Bio:
Carla Dimartino is an exercise rehabilitation specialist who has been helping people and providing programming and exercise advice to injured clients. She has over 20 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry, managing health, fitness and aquatic centres, health retreats, as well as working as a medical missionary and bible worker, worldwide. She loves to speak to people about God and share the gospel to those that don’t know Jesus. She uses her exercise experience as an entering wedge to preach the gospel. She has had over 6 years’ experience in a band and in 3 separate orchestras. Her music experience, has helped her teach others about the deceptive wiles of the enemy through this medium.