Subodh Pandit will be conducting a workshop called "God: Fact or Fiction".

Physician in North Carolina

About Workshop:
In his workshop God: Fact or Fiction, Dr Subodh Pandit will share his intellectual journey of how he tried to satisfy his thirst for reasonable explanations on concepts such as the Supernatural, God, Spirituality and Religions. He will start with whether a reference point exists to help standardize his study. So, if you are an intellectual person that enjoys spirited discussions, don’t think any question is too difficult to answer and consider yourself a fair and rational enquirer, you will enjoy this series of studying concepts and claims as it is weighed against accumulated evidence and analysed in a logical and reasonable manner.

Speaker Bio:
Subodh Pandit, MD, born and raised in India, is a licensed, board certified physician from North Carolina. His twenty-year search for a reason to believe led him through the questions of atheism, post-modernism and pluralism onto a unique method of comparing the five great world religions.