Samuel Wang will be conducting a workshop called "Encounter Jesus throughout the Bible" (遍览圣经访基督).

SSD Evangelist to Chinese

About Workshop:
In the Bible, Jesus said, "They are they which testify of me." (John 5:39). "Encounter Jesus Throughout the Bible" workshop leads you into the Old Testament and the life of Christ, gaining a glimpse of God's plan of salvation, appreciating God's great love, and promoting a change of life.


Speaker Bio:
Dr. Samuel Wang was born in China. He was converted from the Hare Krishna movement in China. After being converted, his passion towards reaching the Chinese community has always been his burden. He is an evangelist, a teacher, and also an author. Some of his literary works include "God and the Ancient Chinese", "Back to the Beginning for an Enlightened Life", and "Intriguing Connections: the Dharma and the Gospel". He is happily married to Esther Wang. Their marriage has been blessed with two sons.

王敬之博士出生于中国大陆。他曾加入哈瑞奎师那运动,后成了一名基督徒。归主之后,将福音传给华裔群体一直都是他的负担。他是一名佈道家,一名教师,也是一名作家。他的一些文学著作包括,《上帝与中国古人》,《觉悟人生从头说起》和《相印成趣:佛法與福音對觀》。他和妻子Esther 师母有着幸福的婚姻。上帝也(藉著他们的婚姻)赐给他们两个儿子